Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

How to choose the right gym mat

how to choose right gym mat 2

From the marketing research report, we found lots people or fitness center does not pay high attention to the gym mat. The gym flooring not only influence the trainers’ health, it also influence the maintenance cost of fitness center. People always confuse with the damage of the gym flooring only after short time use. People also full hurt during outdoor cross fit training class. All the above questions can be solved if you choose the right gym flooring.

As a professional gym mat manufactuer, we produce and delveop more than 3 type gym mat. Let me introduce them one by one. I do believe you will find the right type for your use.

Todobelt Indoor Crossfit Gym Flooring Rolls 3

Indoor Crossfit Gym Flooring also named as gym floor roll or gym flooring tile. It is the solutions for indoor fitness centers, crossfit area and weight rooms.

Here is the link for gym flooring rolls

Todobelt horse walking path rubber equine pavers 3

Our outdoor fitness equipment rubber floor tiles have been specifically designed to be used outdoors as flooring for outdoor fitness equipment. These rubber tiles have been formulated to withstand the harshest of environments, which is evident with theses tiles being UV-stable and slip resistant when wet.

Here is the link for  outdoor gym flooring rolls

Todobelt Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Rolls Thickness 5

Our Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Rolls suitable for weight training area or strength training area. The thickness including 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm and 50 mm. It offer better shock absorbing property. The force of weight plate or dumbbell fall will broken by the heavy duty gym flooring rolls.

Here is the link of heavy duty gym flooring rolls