Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

New rubber tiles shipment

new rubber tiles shipment

We are happy to share the photos of our company with you weekly.  Above photo is taken by worker Liu, it shows the rubber tiles in production line, the pallet loading process and container loading process.

Maybe you are confused with the photo, let me introduce the details as below. You will find our company is different with others. We pay high attention to customers’ benefits and end users safety.

Basis information of this shipment:

  • Full container load order
  • Big pallet height loading
  • 500 mm * 500 mm sizes
  • Green and Red color rubber tiles

Details of package

rubber tile package 3

Pallet choose

The weight of rubber tiles are big. Even the small height pallet, the full pallet load is more than 1 tons. It has been a problem for bad pallet choose. Lots of exporter use plywood pallet, which is cheaper and no need to do fuming.

Our company use the IPPC wooden pallet or Euro pallet, which has the clear mark. 

rubber tile package 2

Pay attention to the details

Are you familiar with the left photo? That’s right, it’s the special design package of Todorubber company. It has widely used in all the pallet package. The metal part will keep the pallet stable during shipment. Rubber pad will help protect the edge of the rubber tiles. The yellow part is the paper corner protection part. It will avoid the damage during loading, shipment, unloading and inland transport.

rubber tile package 1

The package save customers’ money

The above two photos shows how we keep the pallet safe and stable. Now, let me show you how we save customers’ money by package.

To be Frank, more pieces rubber tiles loading to container, the unit sea freight will lower.Our company have two pallet design, it will help us loading more according to different sizes. Of course, safety is the first consideration.

More services about package does not show here, such as customer logo, OEM label, shipping mark, package design introduction, OEM package and others you may need.

Contact us now for more information or design your package.