Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Amoebic stall mat

Amoebic stall mat 3
Thickness17 mm
Size4 ft x 6 ft
Raw compoundRecycle rubber
Water drainageavailable
Fire resistantEN ISO 9239-1:2010 Part 1
Density1.5 g/cc
Hardness70 + / - 5 Shore A
MOQ3 tons

Amoebic stall mat

Amoebic stall mat is a speical rubber mat produced by us. It suitable for use in a number of applications but are usually used as either stable mats or gym flooring.

If being used as equine pavers, it will provide added support for legs or the feet of hooved animals. This type amoebic stall mat has excellent cold insulation property. This type equine pavers provides better traction and ease of movement for your horses, thereby reducing the stress related to frequently moving around. It also offer animals a totally clean, sterile, smell-free environment. They give protection, cushioning and thermal insulation from concrete or solid floors.

The top surface design has the property of non-porous, non-absorbent, urine proof, will not swell, curl or lift. What’s more, the amoebic stall mat has slip resistant property when wet. The redges bottom are good for drainage. It will keep the stale dry quicker after clean or disinfect work.

Being non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, stall mats are easy to clean and disinfect for a healthier and hygienic work and breeding environment. All the raw compound meet RoHS and PAH test standards. Certificiation available as requirements. This type stall mat are the perfect choose for stall, boxes, horse walkways, exercise area and horse shower rooms.

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Micro Photos

Amoebic stall mat
Amoebic stall mat 1
Amoebic stall mat 2
Amoebic stall mat 4

Production Photos

Amoebic stall mat
stall mat production 1
stall mat production 2
stall mat production 3


Amoebic stall mat
stall mat package

We pay high attention to the package and pallet. The metal strapping help the Amoebic stall mat keep stable during long transport by sea or by railway. The IPPC OEM pallet meet all the countries requirements. The pallet will save the trouble of import clearance. In view to loading more in one 20 ft container, we can packed the Amoebic stall mat up to 2 meters high. However, we still highly recommend 1.1 m max height. It will be safe for your workers to unloading them in your warehouse.

  • Does the pallet has entry-exit inspection and fumigation before use?
  • Yes, all the pallet has IPPC pallet and IPPC number.
  • Does your company offer FCL / LCL packing declaration?
  • Yes, there is no problem with this documents.
  • Can you pack the goods as my needs?
  • No problem. However, we still suggest you consider the unloading charges and weight per pallet firstly.


Amoebic stall mat