Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Stable mat for equine and stable

stable mat 1
stable mat 2
Thickness6 mm to 20 mm
Width0.6 m to 2.2 m
Length10m or 5m
Speical size1.83m*1.22m
InsertionEP ply insertion
Fire resistantEN ISO 9239-1:2010 Part 1
Hardness70 Shore A min
MOQ5 tons

Stable mat

Stable mat is a new type equine pavers. This product is widely used in animal husbandry industry. Stable mat is made of rubber and has better elasticity and waterproof properties. The raw material meets ROHS and REACH standards. Special surface design can play a very good anti-slip effect. The tight surface structure leads to a quick cleaning experience.

We now have 6 models rubber stable mat. These designs can meet different usage requirements. The bottom of the waterproof tank can better exclude water and ensure the dry and hygienic environment of livestock.

The following is the best model to sell. If you want to get the specific size and model, please contact us.

Surface show

Stable mat
stable mat 3
stable mat 5
stable mat 4


Stable mat
rubber tile package 2

We pay high attention to the package and pallet. The metal strapping help the rubber tile keep stable during long transport by sea or by railway. The IPPC standard pallet meet all the countries requirements. The pallet will save the trouble of import clearance. In view to loading more in one 20 ft container, we can packed the rubber tile up to 2 meters high. However, we still highly recommend 1.1 m max height. It will be safe for your workers to unloading them in your warehouse.

  • Does the pallet has entry-exit inspection and fumigation before use?
  • Yes, all the pallet has IPPC pallet and IPPC number.
  • Does your company offer FCL / LCL packing declaration?
  • Yes, there is no problem with this documents.
  • Can you pack the goods as my needs?
  • No problem. However, we still suggest you consider the unloading charges and weight per pallet firstly.


Stable mat