Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry


Equine pavers

Amoebic stall mat

Amoebic stall mat is a speical rubber mat produced by Todorubber company. It suitable for use in a number of applications but are usually used as either stable mats or gym flooring.
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Easysweep stable mat

Easysweep Stable Mat is one of our company best sell equine pavers. This type rubber mat is made from recycle rubber but has a slip resistant cobble pattern surface. They have grooved bottom surface and reforced by EP insertion.
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Stable mat for equine and stable

Stable mat is the new type equine pavers of our company. The raw material is Rubber, which meet RoHS and Reach requirements. Special design for cow or horse use.
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Dog bone rubber tiles 160mm x 200mm

Dog bone rubber tile also know as Equine pavers or stable mat. Todorubber offers a variety of farm floorings some of which include dog bone sharp rubber tiles, barn equine pavers, barn flooring, stall flooring, stable corridor and walkway etc.
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Horse stable walkway rubber tiles

Satble walkway rubber tiles is one product of our company. This product has consider the anti slip resistant, wear resistant, easy to clean and maintenance reqirements. The material meet RoHS and PAH requirements.
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Todorubber Safety double T rubber tiles

Safety double T rubber tiles is one of best sell rubber tiles, which produced by Todorubber. All the raw material are RoHS and PAH verified type. Standard size is 160 mm plus 200 mm.
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Todorubber Horse Walking Path Rubber Equine Pavers 1.1 m x 1.1 m

Todorubber Horse Walking Path Rubber Equine Pavers is design for big space area. The size is 1.1 m x 1.1 m and thickness 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm. The special choose granule help the rubber equine paver has better slip resistance property.
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Todorubber Barn Aisles Equine Pavers 200 mm x 160 mm

Todorubber barn aisles equine pavers is special design for barn aisles, stalls, horse walking paths and in other areas where safety and aesthetic appeal are your primary considerations. Shaped like a dog-bone or "I", equine pavers are 200 mm long x 160 mm wide.
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Our rubber pavers ensure a convenient installation in any equestrian application as they are available in full or half pavers and paver tiles.

Safe and Healthy paving experience with our Equine Paver

Our Rubber equine pavers are made in such a way that they are virtually indestructible. The fully elastic, weatherproof, frost proof, slip resistant, water permeable and durable equine pavers are available in different thicknesses and supplied in a wide color range to suit any private or public environment. These pavers are made of tough rubber particles that are bound by an MDI polyurethane binder.

our rubber pavers are the perfect addition to any barn flooring. We offer easy to install and virtually maintenance free rubber pavers for any kind of rubber flooring. We offer rubber pavers for the slip-resistant and healthy surface in your Barn and horse stable. The risk of injury to horses and riders as well as groomers remains minimal because of the superior friction between the flooring and walkers.

Tiles provided by us are manufactured by a unique proprietary re-bonding process. Pristine clean rubber material of superior physical properties is converted from 100% premium quality recycled rubber. Anti-shock and bacteria controlling properties along with being a slip-resistant paving solution make the safe and healthy choice for your barn.