Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry


Gym flooring rolls

25mm thick weightlifting gym mat

25mm thick weightlifting gym mat is the best sell type of gym flooring rolls. This type gym floor has excellent resilience and abrasion resistance.
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10% colorful sparkle spot cheap gym mats 10mm x 1m x 1m

Cheap gym mats of 10% colorful sparkle spot made by us are the replacement type gym floor to normal expensive gym floor. It made from recycle rubber granule. The raw compound and smell meet RoHS and Reach requirements.
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15mm laminated interlocking gym flooring tiles

Laminated interlocking gym flooring tiles in 15 mm thickness is the replace mat for 12mm thick gym flooring rolls. It's cheaper and easy to maintenance. Top 3mm thick EPDM gym flooring rolls, bottom made by recycle rubber granule.
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Todorubber weightlifting gym flooring rolls

Weightlifting gym flooring rolls is one type gym mat of Todorubber. It has better absorbing property. Not only black color, we can add color dots for you. For example, red color, blue color and yellow color. You can also have two or three color combine plan.
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Outdoor fitness equipment rubber floor tiles

Outdoor fitness equipment rubber floor tiles is one of the best sell type rubber tile made by Todorubber. The RoHS and PAH verified raw granule help people keep good health during training. What's more, it offer protection for trainer.
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Todorubber Interlocking gym flooring rolls 12mm thick max

Interlocking gym flooring is important product of Todorubber. It design for gym training center, used for small area. 3 size available with max 12 mm thickness. Black color with colorful dot in top is the best sell type. We also have blue or yellow bottom design.
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Todorubber Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Rolls Thickness 15 To 50 mm

Todorubber Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Rolls are thicker than normal gym mat roll you can get. The max thickness of heavy duty gym flooring roll is 50 mm. It has perfect shock absorbing, slip resistant, water proof property.
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Todorubber Indoor Crossfit Gym Flooring Rolls 1.25 m x 10 m

Gym flooring rolls is made from EPDM granules. The gym flooring rolls can be produced with various color. Gym flooring rolls are available in 1,25 meters wide. The length is available 1 meters to 40 meters. Gym flooring rolls are suitable for Cross training only in 2 mm and 12 mm thickness.
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Make your gym healthy space use rubber flooring

Health and fitness have really taken off within the past two decades. People have started to go to the gym and it has become an integral part of life for millions of fitness seekers all around the world. Gyms are not limited to commercial venues these days but gyms are now installed in residential places too, in the comfort of one’s own home. Todobolt appreciates and encourages this healthy habit, and offers a diverse range of gym flooring rolls. You can get necessary floor protection against abrasions from heavy objects by installing gym flooring rolls on your gym area. Rubber flooring for gym enhances levels of comfort and traction for high-intensity workouts.

There is a number of reasons for you to use gym rubber flooring. Our gym flooring rolls protect the floor. You need to protect both the existing surfaces of your workout area and the equipment. It is necessary to place gym equipment on gym mats as they are very heavy and made of a mixture of plastic and metal. You can avoid discoloration, markings, and serious cracks on the floor by placing our gym flooring rolls. The repairing cost due to damage to both existing surfaces and exercise equipment can be very high. You can save your hard earned money by installing rubber gym equipment mat.

Gym rubber flooring also helps to keep you safe on your feet while doing movement intensive exercises. High level of friction makes Rubber an excellent athletic surface. It helps to provide more traction to your feet. We have some specific gym rubber flooring designed with special surface textures to enhance natural traction capabilities.

Our gym flooring rolls are Anti-slippery for extra safety while working out. Gym equipment mats are comfortable for intense cross-fit workouts for longer and more comfortably.