Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry


Outdoor rubber tiles

60mm thick rubber tiles

60mm thick rubber tiles is one of our new products. This thickness is made according to European Customers' needs. The HIC data is 1800 mm, which is the very strict standard in European market.
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Outdoor rubber playground flooring

Outdoor rubber playground flooring is one of our main products. The export volume has reach up to one hundred containers every year. This type rubber tiles has been widely used in areas of Children's slide, trampoline or small sport parks.
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Todorubber playground safety grass mats 1m x 1.5m

Playground safety grass mats produced by Todorubber available in 1 m x 1.5 m x 19 mm, 1 m x 1 m x 15 mm and 1 m x 1.5 m x 23 mm size. It suitable for all weather, extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift. The large openings of 25 mm diameter allow liquid […]
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Outdoor fitness equipment rubber floor tiles

Outdoor fitness equipment rubber floor tiles is one of the best sell type rubber tile made by Todorubber. The RoHS and PAH verified raw granule help people keep good health during training. What's more, it offer protection for trainer.
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Todorubber rubber playground tiles

Rubber playground tiles is the core competitive products of Todorubber. We can produce standard 500 mm and 1000 mm size. Todorubber also can produce OEM size rubber tiles for indoor or outdoor use.
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Todorubber High Quality New Square Rubber Tiles Flooring

Todorubber high quality new square rubber tiles flooring is one type of outdoor rubber tiles. We choose EPDM granule as top surface. It has better weather resistant property.
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Todorubber Outdoor Rubber Tiles for Style and Comfort

Todorubber has produce lots of outdoor Rubber Tiles for Style and Comfort application. There are more than 8 color available and more than 6 different size for your D.I.Y idea. All the rubber granule has good weather resistant property and anti-slip property. What's more, all the raw granule are Eco-friendly type.
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Todorubber Outdoor Playground Rubber Tiles 500 mm x 500 mm

Todorubber outdoor playground rubber tiles mainly used for playground or park or garden. It can help reduce injuries from falls under the guidelines set out under the EN1177 standards. Eco-friendly raw granule and water drainage design help it avoid the weather influence.
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Outdoor Rubber Tiles for stylish flooring

Qingdao Todo Rubber offer rubber tiles for all types of flooring, be it Fitness center, Equine walkway, Playground or School. Our outdoor rubber tiles can be used for outdoor to build stylish and comfortable way or place. They are good at weather resistant, wear resistant, give high vibration performance, and they are easy to clean. As a leading manufacturer of rubber tiles, we produce rubber tiles for lots of flooring applications; the seashore coffee area, garden walking way, and other scenic areas are few of such applications.

People, who think that rubber flooring is suitable for indoor applications only; they overlook the fact that rubber is made of a material that possesses the quality to make it a great material for use as outdoor rubber flooring. We provide the stylish and modern alternative to standard classic tiles and stoneware. Now you can give your outdoor decks, pools, patios, and playgrounds flooring perfectly eye-catching look. Your deck or patio floors will be much better protected against physical and environmental damage if you place a rubber covering over them.

Rubber tiles can be used for comfort

Our outdoor rubber tiles are the best fit for the flooring applications for areas such as patios, decks, playgrounds, and other such places those need the superior levels of comfort and protection. We have 6 different sizes with many colors available with us to choose from. We use the best raw material. Our outdoor rubber tiles are Eco – friendly and tested by SGS Company. The raw granule, tiles are made from, meets RoHS and PAH requirements. We have tested our outdoor rubber tiles for Fire resistance property based on EN ISO 9239-1:2010 Part 1 similar to EN 71 standards.