Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

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Quality control system

China rubber tiles manufacturer

Qingdao Todo Rubber Co. LTD is a well-known China rubber tiles manufacturer in the playground flooring and gym flooring industry. We are not only concerned with the increase in sales, but we also pay high attention to quality improvement and environmental protection. Providing qualified products for our worldwide partners is an important measure of our quality control. The choice of best rubber granules has help us reduced the emission of polluting gases, which also reduce our environmental impact.

china rubber tiles manufacturer

Quality control system

The selection of raw materials is the prerequisite for quality assurance. We have been using raw materials that comply with ROHS and REACH standards. At the same time, we cooperate with SGS company and irregularly carry out the quality inspection of finished rubber tiles.

The efficiency and advancement of machinery and equipment are the basis for ensuring continuous quality and stability. Our company actively engaged in the maintenance and upgrading of production equipment while investing in semi-automated production equipment. These tasks ensure that we can complete the customer’s orders quickly and with high quality.

The high-end quality is not only reflected in the stability and improvement of product quality, but also the after-sales market research. The feedback help us improve our product property and quality level. Our company actively collects views of customers’ usage and installations feedback, and improves the performance of the products according to the use of customers.

As a rubber tiles and gym flooring manufacturer in China, we also wanna to share product information, marketing information and technical information for free. We wanna help more and more customers choose the right rubber matting for their end users.

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