Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Rubber stall mat – the new type equine pavers

rubber stall mat

Rubber stall mat
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Our company began to supply more styles of Equine pavers. In addition to rubber granule tiles, we now also supply rubber stall mat. Up to 8 kinds of surface design can meet different use scenarios. The new model equine paver’s rubber raw material meets European environmental standards. Many customers in Europe, Australia and the Americas are using this new model of rubber stall mat.

The new type of rubber stall mat has a raised pattern on the surface, which is non-slip, wear-resistant and easy to clean. There are several designs on the back, including the bottom of the drain and the bottom of the cloth. These special bottom designs can solve the wet problem after cleaning, and can also play a certain role in shock absorption.

For sites that are used frequently, we recommend adding a nylon reinforcement. Stall mats with reinforced layers can provide better tear resistance. The service life can be doubled.

If you want to get more details about the size, please check our page Equine pavers.

Property and application

Convenient, interlocking mat clearly improves the health of your horses, livestock or pets. Ideal for: Horses, Dairy, Pigs, Alleys, Run-In Sheds, Shoeing Areas, Grooming Areas, Wash Racks, Exercise Rooms, Trailer Floors, Outdoor Living Areas, Gymnasiums, Kennels and more.

Resilient, cost-effective mat is manufactured from 100% re-vulcanized and recycled rubber that has been cleaned of all debris.

Safe, comfortable and durable, this mat offers stress relief to bones and muscles, better dust control and level, safe floor surfaces.Tight-fitting interlocks provide a virtual “one-piece” floor and minimize the amount of water or urine that can seep through seams.

Routine savings up to 50% on stall bedding and you can cut cleaning time in half.

Good traction under wet conditions is a function of this mat’s resilience, texture and raised surface pattern.
Mats will hold themselves in place, do not need surrounding walls to contain them and are difficult, if not impossible, for horses to pull up or move.