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Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Rubber tiles tolerance qc system

Rubber tiles tolerance

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About the quality control system of rubber tiles, R&D and quality inspection are two equally important aspects. Among them, the quality inspection in the production process is more important. If you can find the problem in time, it will prevent the emergence of subsequent damage. At the same time, it also significantly reduced the company’s production costs.

We not only sets strict inspection standards, but also sets up special inspection personnel. Inspectors will examine the shrinkage ratio of raw materials and finished products. For the dimensions of rubber tiles, we use tighter tolerance ranges. In terms of width, we can guarantee that 90% of the floor tiles are without tolerances.

Why width tolerance is more important? For the end user, width is the most important aspect. For large area projects, negative tolerances in width will cause defects in large gaps. Small-scale projects will also be affected. For example, you need to cut rubber tiles to meet the room size. The follow-up work not only increases the installation cost, but also leads to a shortened service life.

We will also share market conditions with our customers in a timely manner. Remind others of malicious behavior. For example, some suppliers use negative tolerances to gain price advantage. We will promptly remind all customers to help customers avoid trade losses.

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