Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Team building – Company mission

company blog 1When you join us, you can tell that the company culture are not only reflected on the part of rubber tiles R&D ability, but also are shown in the field of caring employees’ career development and their working comfortability. Besides the official holidays, we have been running the amazing anuual activity of ” Twice Travel In One Year” since the company started.In the past 10 years. We have walked around most parts of our motherland.

Growing together with company, we find much stronger sense of belongings to our group. Of course, it helps strengthen the cohesion of our team.

Today, we share some pictures of our spring travel in 2018 here. We went to the hometown of Kungfu—Shao Lin and Luo Yang city( An acient capital in Chinese history)

Todorubber will always harbor the good faith to serve our customers well and make our crew happy. We are sure that we will benefit from this belief and sell more quailty products to every corner of the world.