Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry
Create in China - The rubber tiles facotry

Why big difference in the price of weightlifting gym mat

Are we crazy for benefits?

Any difference of mat from us?

Years before, we has told by customer: “Your price is crazy, it’s too expenisve!” Is that true?

Now, we get the analysis result. 

Thanks to our friend in UK, who send us the samples from other supplier. 

Seeing is believing

Sample from us

quality show - Todobelt
Get from UK customer

Sample from others

quality show - other supplier

From above photoes, you can find lots differents.

Our rubber granule size is similiar, which gurantee the glue will work well between two granule. During the rubber granule screening process, we strictly control the size to be 5 mesh to 8 mesh.

The density of weightlifting gym mat from us is bigger, the top surface density is 1250 KG/m3 and the bottom surface is 1025 KG/M3

The glue, which can be seen from the photo. However, we have test it by the glue supplier. We can garentee the glue used by our company is Eco-friendly. 100% comply with RoHS and PAH test requirements.

The smell! Sometime, you will find the samples from others have “good or fragrant” smell. It does not mean the quality is better! It shows that there are some granule recycle from shoe or bag or other things. It will destroy the stable property.

Hope this news will help you know more about the quality class. If you need more information or help, please send me email.

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